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Elpida (sangster)

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Birth nameElpida Karayiannopoulou
Forby kent asElpida (stage name)
Born (1949-10-01) 1 October 1949 (age 74)
OreiginSpercheiada, Greece
Years active1970–1997

Elpida Karayiannopoulou (Greek: Ελπίδα Καραγιαννοπούλου, born 1 October 1949), is a Greek sangster who wis ane o the maiost successful sangsters in Greece an the Greek diaspora in the 1970s an 1980s.[1]

Kent profeesionally as juist Elpida, she released 17 oreeginal albums in her 25-year recordin history, an regularly toppit fever chirts run bi the Greek state broadcaster, Ellinikí Radiofonía Tileórasi (ERT). Internaitionally, she wis kent for bein a twa-time entrant taeo the Eurovision Song Contest, representin Greece in 1979 wi the sang "Sokrati" which placit 8t an Cyprus in 1986 wi "Tora Zo" which came 20t (an last).

Early life

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Elpida Karayiannopoulou wis born in Spercheiada, Greece; at 14, she muivit tae Athens wi her twa aulder brithers tae study. Upon feenishin schuil, she wished tae be an airchitect, but instead began tae study topografie while wirkin at the same time.[2]

Elpida began her singin career in 1970 when she became the sangster o an orchestra an subsequently recordit an album wi thaim. In 1972, she pairticipatit in Thessaloniki Music Festival wi the sang "Den Ton Eida" (Δεν τον είδα, A didna see him)[1] an wis introducit tae the public. The same year she recordit her first solo album an aw, which wis presentit live wi fellae sangsters George Dalaras, Giannis Parios, Tolis Voskopoulos, Giorgos Marinos, Giannis Poulopoulos, Haris Alexiou, an Grigoris Bithikotsis.[2] In 1973, ERT deemit Elpida the maist popular sangster in the kintra at that time.[1]

Elpida went on tae tak pairt in 13 festivals similar tae those o Thessaloniki includin Tokyo in 1974 whaur she placit seicont an the winner o Viña del Mar Festival in Chile in 1975 wi the sang "Pos Pes Mou Pos". She receivit various awairds such as the "Rewaird o Interpretation" in Poland, an a rewaird for telly in Bulgarie. She made a lot o telly appearances in Laitin Americae an aw, Spain, Germany, Ingland, the Netherlands, the Scandinavie kintras an made several telly appearances in Israel.[2]

In 1979, Elpida wis chosen tae tak pairt in the Eurovision Song Contest tae represent Greece. She sang the sang "Sokrati" (Σωκράτη, Socrates) an placit aicht, receivin 69 points frae the 19 pairticipatin kintras. She released an album in Israel which reached gowd sales an in Portugal, which reached #6 in the local chairts. Seiven years later, she appeared at Eurovision ance mair, in 1986, but representin Cyprus. She sang "Tora Zo" (Τώρα ζω, Now I Live), but wi less success than in 1979, anerly garnerin fower points, an placin 20t (last).[2]

1988 saw the release o the album Flas frae which the sang "Opos Se Thelo S'oneirevomai" became a radio hit. In 1994, her saxteent studio album wis released titled Mes Ti Nihta Hathika, wi muisic bi Thanasis Kargidis an Panos Falaras.[2]

Personal life

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Elpida marriet in 1979 an gave birth tae her first bairn, a girl namit Hera, in 1980. Her seicont bairn, Stephanos, wis born in 1985 an led tae her absence frae the muisic industrie for fower years as she spent time wi her faimily.[2]


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  • 1972: Den Ton Eida
  • 1973: Elpida
  • 1975: Koita To Fos
  • 1975: Epi Skinis
  • 1976: Elpida
  • 1978: Borei
  • 1979: Sokrati
  • 1979: Elpida
  • 1979: Ta Oraiotera Tragoudia Mou (compilation)
  • 1981: Me Tin Elpida
  • 1983: Me Logia Apla
  • 1987: Flas
  • 1988: 16 Apo Ta Oraiotera Tragoudia (compilation)
  • 1989: Ela na Paizoume
  • 1990: Tragoudontas Tis Epohes, 10
  • 1990: Selida 16
  • 1992: To Palio Na Legetai
  • 1994: Mes Sti Nihta Hathika
  • 1994: "Zileia"/"Kameno Harti" (maxi single)
  • 1995: To Lathos Kai To Pathos
  • 1997: Me Tragoudia Kai Logia ta Oraiotera Mou, 1972-87 (compilation)


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