Dae nae buy Roushie guids!

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Dae nae buy Roushie guids!
Не купуй російське!
Formation14 August 2013 (2013-08-14),
2 Mairch 2014 (2014-03-02)
Teepceevic campaign

"Dae nae buy Roushie guids!" (Ukrainian: «Не купуй російське!») or "Boycott Roushie guids!" (Ukrainian: «Бойкотуй російське!») is a nonviolent resistance campaign tae boycott Roushie commerce in Ukraine. The protest stairtit on August 14, 2013 as a reaction tae a Roushie Federation trade embargo against Ukraine. It wis organized bi Vidsich on social media.[1] The campaign expanded tae mass distribution o leaflets, posters, an stickers in ower 45 ceeties an touns. Havin fadit bi the beginnin o the Euromaidan demonstrations in November 2013, it wis renewed on Mairch 2, 2014, durin the Crimean crisis an the Roushie militar intervention in Ukraine.

Causes[eedit | eedit soorce]

Activists urgin boycott on August 22, 2013 in response tae Roushie's blockade o Ukrainian guids.

Accordin tae activists, the campaign began as a response tae a series o economic wars launched bi Roushie against Ukraine, includin the "Meat War", the "Cheese War", an the "Chocolate War."[1] On August 14, 2013, the Federal Customs Service o Roushie leetit aw Ukrainian exporters as companies "at risk", resultin in a blockade o Ukrainian products importit tae Roushie.[2] A backup developed at customs involvin hundrits o truckloads an railcars o Ukrainian guids.[3]

Boycotts[eedit | eedit soorce]

Flash mob in a Kyiv supermercat on Mairch 15, 2014
Activists display a banner urgin a boycott o Roushie petrol on Mey 29, 2014

In Ukraine[eedit | eedit soorce]

On August 22, 2013, activists held a protest near the Presidential Admeenistration o Ukraine.[4][5][6] The campaign continued wi a mass distribution o leaflets, posters an stickers in mair nor 45 ceeties an touns in Ukraine.[7][8] Caricatures o Roushie Matryoshka dolls hae been uised in the campaign.[9] The campaign began tae decline wi the beginnin o Euromaidan.

On Mairch 2, 2014, activists uised social networks tae announce the renewal o the boycott on ony guids an services that benefit Roushie companies. The intention wis tae keep Ukrainian money frae gangin tae Roushie whaur it mey be uised tae support the Rousie militar.[10] The boycott wis launched in response tae the Crimean crisis an the Roushie militar intervention in Ukraine.[11][12]

In Mairch 2014, activists began organizin flash mobs in supermercats tae urge customers nae tae buy Roushie guids[13][14][15] an tae boycott Roushie gas stations,[16][17][18][19] banks,[20] an concerts.[21] In Aprile 2014, some movie theaters in Kyiv, Lviv, an Odesa began shunnin Roushie films.[22]

In simmer o 2014, activists in Kiev began organizin flash mobs[23] and actions[24] in Roushie restaurants an coffeehooses.

In the end o August 2014 activists hae stairtit a campaign against Roushie movies an serials on Ukrainian media space.[25][26]

By Aprile 2014, some Roushie manufacturers chynged thair barcodes frae Roushie tae Ukrainian.[27] Titled Boycott Invaders, an Android app wis developed tae identify products frae Roushie, includin those disguisin thair origin.[9][10][28]

Internaitional spread[eedit | eedit soorce]

Beginnin in Mairch 2014, the boycott spread tae ither kintras, pairteecularly in Latvie, Lithuanie, Estonie, Poland, Moldovae, Georgie,[29] an the Czech Republic.[30]

Results[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sales o Roushie guids in Ukraine decreased bi 35-50% in the ware o 2014.[31][32] In Mey 2014, Ukrainian supermercats began tae abandon the procurement o Roushie guids. Delivery o guids frae Roushie fell bi a third.[33]

Frae Januar tae Mey 2014, accordin tae Standard & Poor's ratins, banks wi Roushie capital in Ukraine lost mair nor 50% o deposits.[34]

Criticism[eedit | eedit soorce]

Economist Andriy Novak made a statement that Roushie products boycott in Mairch 2014 haes caused no mair nor a few dozens o million dollars loss tae the Roushie Federation economy. In his opinion there is mair effective way o fichtin Roushie economy in a way o: "strikin at painful aurie – “Gazprom”".[35]

The idea o a boycott wis supportit bi Fozzy Group, a Ukrainian group o companies that ains an manages retail stores, but wis nae supportit bi Ukrainian representative offices o "Auchan Ukraine" an "Metro Cash and Carry" retail groups. The reason wis explained as a pairt o their apolitical veesion.[36]

Andriy Dlihach, "Advanter Group" CEO, urged nae tae ban Roushie products an instead o this concentrate on buyin Ukrainian anes.[37]

Ukrainian, Roushie-speakin blogger Danylo Vakhovskyi said that he is consciously uisin Roushie internet services an will continue tae dae so, acause it is a way tae support "creation o favorable environment for entrepreneurship" in Roushie. Altho, it is "nae patriotic, but tae support entrepreneurs “wi ruble”, is tae gie opportunity for new projects development, that is chyngin warld for the better”. Blogger an aa presentit some examples o such a projects, these are pouerfu an lang-standin wab-steids: QIWI, Ostrovok.ru an antivirus Kaspersky Anti-Virus.[38]

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