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Gazprom PJSC
Native name
ПАО «Газпром»
Public (PAO)
Treddit as
IndustrieIle an petrol
FoonditAugust 1989; 30 years ago (1989-08)
HeidquartersMoscow, Roushie
Key fowk
Viktor Zubkov (Chairman)
Alexey Miller (CEO)
Naitural gas
ServicesGas pipeline transport
Revenue$NaN[1] (2017)
$NaN[1] (2017)
$NaN[1] (2017)
Tot assets$NaN[2] (2017)
Tot equity$NaN[3] (2017)
AwnerRoushie Govrenment (50.23%)
Nummer o employees
462,400 (2015) [4]
SubsidiariesList of subsidiaries

Open Jynt Stock Company Gazprom (Открытое Акционерное Общество «Газпром», OAO Gazprom Roushie: ОАО «Газпром», IPA: [ɡɐsˈprom]) is the lairgest extractor o naitural gas an ane o the lairgest companies in the warld. Its heidquarters are in the Cheryomushki Destrict, Sooth-Wastren Admeenistrative Okrug, Moscow.[5] Its name is a contraction o Roushie: Газовая промышленность, romanised: Gazovaya Promyshlennost, meanin "gas industry". Gazprom wis creatit in 1989 when the Meenistry o Gas Industry o the Soviet Union transformed itself intae a corporation, keepin aw its assets intact. The company wis later privatized in pairt, but currently the Roushie govrenment haulds maist o the control in its hands.

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