Lunnon Stock Exchynge

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(Reguidit frae Lunnon Stock Exchange)
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Lunnon Stock Exchynge
London Stock Exchange Logo.svg
London Stock Exchange 1520.jpg
Teep Stock exchynge
Location Lunnon, Unitit Kinrick
Foondit 1801; 218 years ago (1801)
Awner London Stock Exchange Group
Key fowk Donald Brydon (Chairman)
Xavier Rolet (CEO)
Currency GBP
No. o leetins 3,041 (as o December 2014)
Mercat kaip 4.09 trillion GBP (Dec 2014)[1]
Vollum 1.16 trillion GBP (Dec 2014)
Indices FTSE 100 Index
FTSE 250 Index
FTSE 350 Index
FTSE SmallCap Index
FTSE All-Share Index

The Lunnon Stock Exchynge (LSE) is a stock exchynge locatit in the Ceety o Lunnon in the Unitit Kinrick.

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