Concordia, Antioquia

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Municipality an toun
Location o the municipality an toun o Concordia in the Antioquia Depairtment o Colombie
Kintra  Colombie
Depairtment Antioquia
Time zone Colombie Staundart Time (UTC-5)

Concordia (Spaingie pronunciation: [koŋˈkoɾðja]) is a toun an municipality in the Colombie depairtment o Antioquia. Pairt o the subregion o Soothwastren Antioquia.

This municipality is locatit at 2000 mt ower sea level 6° 2'59.82"N 75°55'11.88"W. Haes a population o 25,000 includin the surroondin auries. The inhabitants o this muntains survives mainly frae the coffee trade.

It wis foondit in 1830 by Juan José Restrepo Uribe, an oreeginally namit as Selva Virgen (Virgin Jungle), it wis later renamit La Comia.

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