Sabaneta, Antioquia

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Municipality an toun
Location o the municipality an toun o Sabaneta in the Antioquia Depairtment o Colombie
Kintra  Colombie
Depairtment Antioquia
Time zone Colombie Staundart Time (UTC-5)
For ither uises, see Sabaneta.

Sabaneta is a toun an municipality in the Colombie depairtment o Antioquia, pairt o the Metropolitan Aurie o Medellín an aw.

Sabaneta is well kent for its cathedral, Maria Auxiliadora an its surroondin nichtclubs, bars an airts & crafts stores. Sabaneta is kent for being the smawest municipality in Colombie an ane o the better managit in the kintra.

Sabaneta is the steid chosen bi the constructors o the "Edificio Faro Monarca" an aw, a biggin unner construction which will become Colombie's tawest biggin an Sooth Americae's seicont tawest. Housomeivver, fowk normally say that the biggin is in Medellin, syne Sabaneta is in the Metropolitan Aurie o Medellín.

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