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Flag of Chile.svg
Tot population
(~18 million)
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Chile 17,094,275[1]
 Unitit States113,934[2]
Ither kintras95,090[2]
Chilean Spaingie
Catholicism, Evangelical Protestantism minorities o ither releegions.
Relatit ethnic groups
Spaniards, Ither European fowks, Ither Amerindie fowks.

Chilean fowk, or simply Chileans, are the native ceetizens an lang-term immigrants o Chile. Chileans are mainly o Spaingie an Ither European fowks strynd,[3][4][5] wi sma but significant traces o 19t an 20t century European-oreegin immigrants.

Post-unthirldom immigrants hae niver comprised mair nor twa percent o the tot population, tho thair descendants are nou hunders o thoosans, includin Chileans o German,[6] Breetish, French, Croatie, Italian or Palestinian[7] strynd. Tho the majority o Chileans reside in Chile, significant commonties hae been established in multiple kintras, maist noticeably Argentinae[8] an the Unitit States.[9] Ither lairge Chilean commonties are in Australie, Brazil, Canadae, Spain, Swaden an Venezuela. Awtho sma in nummer Chilean fowk mak up a substantial pairt o the permanent population o Antarcticae an the Falkland Islands.[10]

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