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Chagos Airchipelago

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(Reguidit frae Chagos Archipelago)
Chagos Archipelago
Disputit islands
Cairt o Location o the Chagos Airchipelago
Chagos Airchipelago is located in Indien Ocean
Chagos Airchipelago
Location of the Chagos Archipelago
Location Indian Ocean
Coordinates 6°00′S 71°30′E / 6.000°S 71.500°E / -6.000; 71.500Coordinates: 6°00′S 71°30′E / 6.000°S 71.500°E / -6.000; 71.500
Major islands Diego Garcia, Peros Banhos, Salomon Islands, Egmont Islands
56.13 km2
Admeenistered bi
{{kintra data Breetish Indian Ocean Territory (UK) |flag/core|name=Breetish Indian Ocean Territory (UK) |variant=|size=}}
Caipital an lairgest settlement Eclipse Pynt Toun (3,000)
Claimit bi
Ooter islands Chagos Archipelago
Population 3,000 (as o 2014)
Ethnic groups

The Chagos Airchipelago (/ˈɑːɡs/ or /ˈɑːɡəs/) or Chagos Islands (umwhile the Bassas de Chagas,[1] an later the Ile Islands) is a group o seiven atolls comprisin mair nor 60 individual tropical islands in the Indian Ocean aboot 500 kilometre (310 mi) sooth o the Maldives airchipelago.

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