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Diego Garcia

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Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia is located in Indien Ocean
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia
Location f Diego Garcia
Coordinates7°18′48″S 72°24′40″E / 7.31333°S 72.41111°E / -7.31333; 72.41111Coordinates: 7°18′48″S 72°24′40″E / 7.31333°S 72.41111°E / -7.31333; 72.41111
AirchipelagaeChagos Archipelago
Adjacent bouks o watterIndian Ocean
Aurie30 km2 (12 sq mi)
Lairgest settlementEclipse Point Town
Population4,239[1] [citation needit]
Additional information
Time zone
Designatit4 Julie 2001
Reference no.1077[2]

Diego Garcia is a tropical, fitprint-shaped coral atoll located sooth o the equator in the central Indian Ocean. It is pairt o the Breetish Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT).

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