Diego Garcia

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Diego Garcia
Airport teep Naval Air Facility
Awner Unitit Kinrick - Breetish Territory
Operator MoD, Her Majesty's Govrenment
Location Breetish Indian Ocean Territory, Indian Ocean
Built 1971-1976; Major Extensions 1982-1986
In uise 1971 - present
Elevation AMSL 9 ft / 3 m
Coordinates 7°18′48″S 72°24′40″E / 7.31333°S 72.41111°E / -7.31333; 72.41111Coordinates: 7°18′48″S 72°24′40″E / 7.31333°S 72.41111°E / -7.31333; 72.41111
Diego Garcia is located in Indian Ocean
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia
Location o Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean
Direction Length Surface
ft m
13/31 12,003 3,659 Concrete
Diego Garcia
The dinin aurie for officers in the Diego Garcia Naval Support Facility in 1982. Aw o the unpaved roads present on the island are made o white crushed coral as can be seen here.
Kintra Unitit Kinrick Unitit Kinrick
Breetish Owerseas Territory Breetish Indian Ocean Territory Breetish Indian Ocean Territory
 • Tot 4,000[1]
Time zone UTC+06:00
Designatit: 4 Julie 2001

Diego Garcia is a tropical, fitprint-shaped coral atoll located sooth o the equator in the central Indian Ocean. It is pairt o the Breetish Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT).

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