Burnley F.C.

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Burnley F.C.
Burnley FC badge.png
Fou name Burnley Football Club
Elk-name(s) The Clarets
Foondit 1882; 136 years ago (1882)
Grund Turf Moor
(capacity: 21,401)
Chairman Mike Garlick
Manager Sean Dyche
League Premier League
2016–17 Premier League, 16t o 20
Wabsteid Club hame page
Home colours
Away colours

Burnley Football Club (pronounced /ˈbɜrnli/ (deprecatit template)), eiknamed The Clarets bi fans, is a perfaisional Inglis fitbaw club based in Burnley, Lancashire. They wur foonder members o The Fitbaa League in 1888. The club colours is claret an blue, an their hame pitch syne 1883 haes been Turf Moor.

Burnley hae wan the league in 1920/1 an 1959/60