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Coordinates: 42°45′N 25°30′E / 42.750°N 25.500°E / 42.750; 25.500

Republic o Bulgarie
Република България  (Bulgarie)
Republika Bǎlgariya
Banner o Bulgarie
Coat o airms o Bulgarie
Banner Coat o airms
Мила Родино  (Bulgarie)
Mila Rodino  (transleeteration)
Dear Motherland
Location o  Bulgarie  (dark green)– on the European continent  (green & dark grey)– in the European Union  (green)  —  [Legend]
Location o  Bulgarie  (dark green)

– on the European continent  (green & dark grey)
– in the European Union  (green)  —  [Legend]

Capital Sofia
42°41′N 23°19′E / 42.683°N 23.317°E / 42.683; 23.317
Lairgest ceety capital
Offeecial leids Bulgarie
Offeecial script Cyrillic
Ethnic groups (2011[1])
Releegion Bulgarie Orthodox Kirk
Demonym Bulgarie
Govrenment Unitar pairlamentar
constitutional republic
• Preses
Rumen Radev
Boyko Borisov
Legislatur Naitional Assemmly
3 Mairch 1878[note 1]
• Declaration o Unthirldom from the Ottoman Empire
5 October 1908[note 2]
• Tot
110,993.6[2][3][4] km2 (42,854.9 sq mi) (103rd)
• Watter (%)
• 31 December 2016 estimate
7,101,859[5] (102nt)
• Density
64.9/km2 (168.1/sq mi) (95t)
GDP (PPP) 2017 estimate
• Total
$152.374 billion[6] (76t)
• Per capita
$21,578 (62nt)
GDP (nominal) 2017 estimate
• Total
$55.954 billion[6] (81st)
• Per capita
$7,924 (75t)
Gini (2016) negative increase 38.3[7]
HDI (2015) Increase 0.794[8]
heich · 56t
Siller Lev (BGN)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
• Summer (DST)
Drives on the richt
Cawin code +359
Internet TLD .bg

Bulgarie (Bulgarie: България) or is it is offeecially kent, the Republic o Bulgarie (Bulgarie: Република България) is a kintra in sooth-eastren Europe. It is bund bi the Black Sea tae the east an haes a laund mairch wi Greece an Turkey tae the sooth, the Republic o Macedonie an Serbie tae the wast an Romanie tae the north. Frae the 1st o Januar 2007 it became a member o the European Union.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. 19 Februar in the Julian calendar uised at the time.
  2. 22 September in the Julian calendar uised at the time.

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