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Gates Foondation]]
CEO o Cascade Investment
Chairman o Corbis |years_active = 1975–present |net_worth = Increase £ 72billion (2013)[1] |boards =
Berkshire Hathaway |religion = |spouse = Melinda Gates (1994–present) |children = 3 |parents = William H. Gates, Sr.
Mary Maxwell Gates |signature = BillGates Signature.svg |signature_alt= William H. Gates III |website = The Gates Notes}} William Henry "Bill" Gates III (born October 28, 1955)[2] is an American business magnate, investor, programmer,[3] inventor[4] an philanthropist. Gates is the umwhile chief executive an current chairman o Microsoft, the warld’s lairgest personal-computer saftware company, which he co-foondit with Paul Allen.

He is consistently rankit in the Forbes leet o the warld's wealthiest fowk[5] an wis the wealthiest oweraw frae 1995 tae 2009—excludin 2008, when he wis rankit third;[6] in 2011 he wis the wealthiest American an the warld's seicont wealthiest person.[7]<ref>{{cite web |url = |title=Forbes Billionaires list |archiveurl = | archivedate=

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