Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin
6t Presse o Pennsylvanie
In office
October 18, 1785 – November 5, 1788
Vice Preses Charles Biddle
Thomas Mifflin
Precedit bi John Dickinson
Succeedit bi Thomas Mifflin
United States Meenister tae France
In office
September 14, 1778 – May 17, 1785
Servin with Arthur Lee, Silas Deane, and John Adams
Appyntit bi Continental Congress
Precedit bi New office
Succeedit bi Thomas Jefferson
United States Meenister tae Sweden
In office
September 28, 1782 – Aprile 3, 1783
Appyntit bi Congress of the Confederation
Precedit bi New office
Succeedit bi Jonathan Russell
1st United States Postmaster General
In office
Julie 26, 1775 – November 7, 1776
Appyntit bi Continental Congress
Precedit bi New office
Succeedit bi Richard Bache
Speaker o the Pennsylvanie Assembly
In office
May 1764 – October 1764
Precedit bi Isaac Norris
Succeedit bi Isaac Norris
Member o the Pennsylvania Assembly
In office
In office
Personal details
Born Januar 17, 1706(1706-01-17)
Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Dee'd Aprile 17, 1790(1790-04-17) (aged 84)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvanie
Naitionality American
Poleetical pairty Independent
Spoose(s) Deborah Read
Bairns William Franklin
Francis Folger Franklin
Sarah Franklin Bache
Profession Scientist

Benjamin Franklin (January 17, 1706 – April 17, 1790) wis an American statesman. He has also been kent as "the First American". He wis a very important fowk in the American Revolution and helpit make the Thirteen Colonies one nation. As a leader o the Enlightenment, he influencit European scientists. He even wis the first thing many Europeans associatit with America at the time. His successful diplomacy in France wis an important factor in the Unitit States' win over Great Britain.