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John Adams

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John Adams
A painted portrait o a man wi greying hair, leukin left.
2nt Preses o the Unitit States
In office
Mairch 4, 1797 – Mairch 4, 1801
Vice PresesThomas Jefferson
Precedit biGeorge Washington
Succeedit biThomas Jefferson
1st Vice Preses o the Unitit States
In office
Aprile 21, 1789* – Mairch 4, 1797
PresesGeorge Washington
Precedit biPoseetion established
Succeedit biThomas Jefferson
Unitit States Meenister tae the Coort o St. James's
In office
Aprile 1, 1785 – Mairch 30, 1788
Appyntit biCongress o the Confederation
Precedit biPoseetion established
Succeedit biThomas Pinckney
Unitit States Meenister tae the Netherlands
In office
Aprile 19, 1782 – Mairch 30, 1788
Appyntit biCongress o the Confederation
Precedit biPoseetion established
Succeedit biCharles Dumas Actin
Delegate tae the Seicont Continental Congress
frae Massachusetts
In office
Mey 10, 1775 – Juin 27, 1778
Precedit biPoseetion established
Succeedit biSamuel Holten
Delegate tae the First Continental Congress
frae Massachusetts Bay
In office
September 5, 1774 – October 26, 1774
Precedit biPoseetion established
Succeedit biPoseetion abolished
Personal details
Born30 October 1735(1735-10-30)
Braintree, Massachusetts
(nou Quincy, Massachusetts, U.S.)
Dee'd4 Julie 1826(1826-07-04) (aged 90)
Quincy, Massachusetts, U.S.
Restin placeUnitit First Parish Kirk
Quincy, Massachusetts
Poleetical pairtyFederalist
Spoose(s)Abigail Smith
John Quincy
Elizabeth (Stillborn)
Alma materHarvard Varsity
(umwhile Congregationalism)[1]
SignaturCursive signatur in ink
  • Adams' term as Vice Preses is sometimes leetit as stairtin on either Mairch 4 or Aprile 6. Mairch 4 is the offeecial stairt o the first vice presidential term. Aprile 6 is the date on which Congress coontit the electoral votes an certified a Vice Preses. Aprile 21 is the date on which Adams began presidin ower the Senate.

John Adams (October 30 [O.S. October 19] 1735 – Julie 4, 1826) wis the seicont preses o the Unitit States (1797–1801),[2] havin earlier served as the first vice preses o the Unitit States. An American Foondin Faither,[3] Adams wis a statesman, diplomat, an a leadin advocate o American unthirldom frae Great Breetain. Well eddicatit, he wis an Enlichtenment poleetical theorist who promoted republicanism, as well as a strang central govrenment, an wrote prolifically aboot his eften seminal ideas, baith in published wirks an in letters tae his wife an key adviser Abigail Adams, as well as tae ither Foondin Faithers. Adams wis a lifelang opponent o slavery, havin nivir boucht a sclave.[4] In 1770, he providit a principled, controversial, an successfu legal defence tae Breetish sauldiers, accuised in the Boston Massacre acause he believed in the richt tae counsel an the "pertect[ion] o innocence."

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