Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson (13 Aprile 17434 Julie 1826) wis ane o the foondin faithers o the Unitit States o Americae.[1] He wrate the Unitit States Declaration o Unthirldom an wis efter the third Preses o the Unitit States.[2] He wis a snar constructionist, meanin he believed the federal govrenment alane haed pouers leemitit tae juist whit wis written in the Constitution, an naething mair. E'en sae, he brak his ain staundart bi sendin navy ships tae Algiers an bi buyin the Louisiana Territory frae Fraunce, baith o whit wisna pouers grantit in the Constitution. He wis verra sib wi the Anti-Federalists, a group that thocht the Constitution gien ower muckle pouer tae the naitional govrenment, awtho durin the ratification collieshangie, he threapit tae be on naither side.

Maist historians nou believe that, efter the daith o his wife in 1782, he haed a relationship wi his slave Sally Hemings an faithered at least six o her bairns.[3]

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