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Appalachie is a region i the eastren Unitit States. As a geographic region, Appalachie gangs aw the wye fae Quebec i Canadae doun tae Georgie i Americae[1], bit as a cultural region, Appalachie is main thocht ae as bein i eastren Kentucky, eastren Tennessee, suth-wastren Virginie, wastren North Carolina, an the hale steet ae Wast Virginie. Surroondin airts, sich as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanie, an suth-eastren Ohio, is alsae consithert by monny tae be a pairt of Appalachie. The Appalachien Regional Commission consithers Appalachie fir tae be a area fae suthren New York doun tae northren Mississippi. Accordin til the ARC's definition, thay is 423 coonties i Appalachie.[2]

Appalachie is weel-kent as a region afflicted wi povert, especial the airts whaur the local economies haes deipendit oan the coal minin industrie.[3] The ARC haes a economic-rankin system, fae "distressed" (the warst) til attainment (the best.) Accordin til the ARC, 82 coonties is "distressed," 109 is "at-risk," 218 is "transitional," 10 is "competitive," an anely 4 is at "attainment."[4]

Appalachie wis settlet i the 1700s an 1800s by monny fowk aff Northumbrie, Northren Airlann, an the Scots Lawlands. Thir settlers brocht wi thaim their auld-warld culturs an traditions, whit survive i modren Appalachien cultur the day.[5]

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