Alfredo Baquerizo Moreno Canton

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Alfredo Baquerizo Moreno

Location o Guayas in Ecuador.
Location o Guayas in Ecuador.
Cantons o Guayas Province
Cantons o Guayas Province
Coordinates: 01°55′S 079°31′W / 1.917°S 79.517°W / -1.917; -79.517Coordinates: 01°55′S 079°31′W / 1.917°S 79.517°W / -1.917; -79.517
 (2001 census)[1]
 • Total19,982

Alfredo Baquerizo Moreno is a canton o the province o Guayas in the Republic o Ecuador. Its offeecial name wis gien in honor o Alfredo Baquerizo Moreno (1859 – 1951), who served three times as the preses o Ecuador. It is cried Jujan an aa, a name which came frae a regional plant. The canton covers an aurie o 218 square kilometres (84 sq mi). Its canton seat is cried Alfredo Baquerizo Moreno or Jujan an aa.

As o the census o 2001, there wur 19,982 fowk residin athin the canton limits.[1]

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Jujan canton is locatit in the wast o the province o Guayas. It is bordered on the north bi Los Rios province; on the sooth bi Milagro canton; on the east bi the Simón Bolívar canton; an on the wast bi the cantons o Samborondón an Yaguachi.

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