Alexander Pichushkin

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Alexander Pichushkin
BornAlexander Yuryevich Pichushkin
(1974-04-09) 9 Aprile 1974 (age 46)
Mytishchi, Moscow Oblast, Roushie
Ither namesThe Bitsa Pairk Maniac
The Chessbuird Killer
Criminal penalty
Life impreesonment
Span o killins
1992–14 Juin 2006
Date apprehendit
16 Juin 2006

Alexander Yuryevich "Sasha" Pichushkin (Roushie: Алекса́ндр Ю́рьевич Пичу́шкин, born 9 Aprile 1974 in Mytishchi, Moscow Oblast), kent as The Chessbuird Killer an The Bitsa Park Maniac an aw, is a Roushie serial killer. He is believit tae hae killed at least 49 fowk an up tae 61–63 fowk in soothwast Moscow's Bitsa Park, whare several o the victims' bodies wur foond.

Murthers[eedit | eedit soorce]

Pichushkin committit his first murther as a student in 1992 an steppit up his creemes in 2001.[1] Roushie media hae speculatit that Pichushkin mey hae been motivatit bi a macabre competeetion wi Roushie's maist notorious serial killer, Andrei Chikatilo, who wis convictit in 1992 o killin 53 childer an young weemen in 12 years.[2] Pichushkin haes said his aim wis tae kill 64 fowk, the nummer o squares on a chessbuird.[3][4] He later recantit this statement, sayin that he wad hae continued killin indefinitely if he haed no been stoppit.[5]

Pichushkin primarily targetit elderly hameless men bi lurin them wi vodka. efter drinkin wi them, he wad kill them, hittin them on the heid wi a hammer. He then stuck vodka bottles in thair skulls tae ensur that thay did no survive. He targetit younger men, childer an weemen an aw. He wad aaways attack frae ahint tae avoid spillin bluid on his claes.[6] He claimit that while killin fowk he felt lik God as he decidit whether his victims shoud live or dee. "In aw cases A killed for anerlie ane raison. A killed in order tae live, acause when you kill, you want tae live," he ance said. "For me, life athoot murther is like life athoot fuid for you. A felt like the faither o aw these fowk, syne it wis A who opened the door for them tae anither warld."[7] Experts at the Serbsky Institute, Roushie's main psychiatric clinic, hae fuid Pichushkin sane.

Accordin tae the documentary, "Serial Killers",[8] Pichushkin, ance apprehendit, led polis officers tae the scenes o mony o his creemes in Bitsa Park. He demonstratit a keen recollection o hou the murthers wur committit, aften actin them oot in great detail, which haes been committit tae film. He revealed that a nummer o the murthers he committit wur no done in his preferred method (hammer blows tae the back o the heid) an aw, but bi throwin his victims doun intae the sewers unberneath Bitsa Pairk (awtho ane o his victims did survive the ordeal).

The murther o Marina Moskalyova, 36, in the simmer o 2006, wis his last. When a metro ticket wis foond in her possession at the time her body wis foond, authorities wur able tae view the last fuitage o her alive frae surveillance tapes o the Moscow metro seestem, whare she wis walkin on the platform accompaniet bi Pichushkin.[9]

Trial an impreesonment[eedit | eedit soorce]

He wis arrestit on 15 Juin 2006, an convictit on 24 October 2007 o 49 murthers an three attemptit murthers.[10] He asked a Roushie court tae add an additional 11 victims tae his body coont, bringin his claimit daith toll tae 60 an 3 survivin victims.[11] Durin the trial, he wis hoosed in a gless cage.[12] It teuk Judge Vladimir Usov an oor tae read the verdict: life in preeson[13] wi the first 15 years tae be spent in solitary confinement.[10]

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