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al-Nusra Front

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al-Nusra Front
جبهة النصرة
Pairteecipant in the Sirian Ceevil War, the
Sirian Ceevil War spillower in Lebanon,
an the War on Terror
Banner o the al-Nusra Front
Active23 Januar 2012 – present[1]
LeadersAbu Mohammad al-Julani[8]
Aurie o operations Sirie (Primarily in Northwast Sirie, aroond the Idlib an Aleppo Provinces)
Pairt oal-Qaeda
Mujahideen Shura Cooncil[17]
Airmy o Conquest
Battle o Victory[18]
Ansar al-Sharia[19]
Jund al-Malahm[20]
Jaish al-Haramoun[21]
Itisam bi Allah[22]
Northern Homs Countryside Operations Room[23]
OpponentsState opponents




Non-state opponents

Shi'ite groups

ISIL an ISIL affiliates

Battles an warsSirian Ceevil War

Sirian Ceevil War spillower in Lebanon

Militar intervention against ISIL

The al-Nusra Front, or Jabhat al-Nusra (Arabic: جبهة النصرة لأهل الشامJabhat al-Nuṣrah li-Ahli ash-Shām, "The Support Front for the Fowk o Al-Sham", eften abbreviatit tae JN or JaN), sometimes cried al-Qaeda in Sirie or al-Qaeda in the Levant,[43] is a Sunni Islamic jihadist militia fichtin against Sirian Govrenment forces in the Sirian Ceevil War, wi the aim o establishing an Islamist state in the kintra.[44]

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