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Idlib (Arabic: ادلب‎) is a ceety in northwastren Sirie, caipital o the Idlib Govrenorate. The ceety o Aleppo, which is roughly 60 km. away, haes an important economic presence in Idlib. The aurie aroond Idlib is vera fertile, producin cotton, cereals, olives, figs, grapes, tomatoes, sesame seeds, wheat an awmonds. It haes an elevation o nearly 600 m. (2000 ft.) abuin sea level.

The Idlib aurie is vera historically significant, containin mony "deid ceeties" an man-made hills cawed tells. Idlib contains the auncient ceety o Ebla.

Coordinates: 35°56′N 36°38′E / 35.933°N 36.633°E / 35.933; 36.633

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