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Aberbran Bridge, Wales.jpg
Brig ower the River Usk
Aberbrân is locatit in Powys
Aberbrân shawn within Powys
OS grid reference SN9829
Principal aurie
Ceremonial coonty
Kintra Wales
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Polis Dyfed-Powys
Fire Mid an Wast Wales
Ambulance Welsh
EU Pairlament Wales
UK Pairlament
List of places
51°57′N 3°29′W / 51.95°N 03.48°W / 51.95; -03.48Coordinates: 51°57′N 3°29′W / 51.95°N 03.48°W / 51.95; -03.48

Aberbrân[1][2] is a sma settlement in Powys, Wales. It lees beside the River Usk an is 7 kilometres (4 mi) wast o the toun o Brecon.

Aberbrân translates frae the Welsh leid tae Inglis as: mooth o the river (aber) crow (brân).

Twa rivers run through Aberbrân, it is whaur the Bran comes tae an end an meets the Usk.

For such a sma settlement, Aberbrân’s economy in the past haes boastit o haein a railwa station an a flour mill, baith wur closed in the 1950’s. The railwa station wis shut doun when the Western Region o British Railways closed the Neath an Brecon railwa line due tae a lack o passenger uisage. The flour mills closur wis a bit mair dramatic; efter the miller got caucht up in the machinery an wis accidentally killed. The mill haes nou been convertit intae a hoose.

The day Aberbrân consists o aroond 15 hooses an twa ferms which baith affer B & B, caravan an campsite pairks. The settlement haes a post an telephone box an a twice-daily bus service an aw.

Ane o the ferms, Aberbrân Fawr haes a successful fruit PYO business, which is well kent in the Brecon area. There is a third caravan pairk that is awned bi the Caravan Club an aw, which is locatit where the auld train station wis. The steid opened in 1967 an haes celebratit its 40t anniversary o being in business.

The settlement is a well kent in the aurie for its brig ower the River Usk which is a recognizit stairtin point for canoeists an fishermen. There are twa ither brigs that gae ower the River Bran an aw.

The majority o the wirkin population are commuters wirkin ootside Aberbrân mainly in the closest mercat toun o Brecon.

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