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A cherry is the fleshy fruit o the cherry tree that conteeens a single stany paip. The cherry is aucht the faimily Rosaceae, genus Prunus.

Commercial production[eedit | eedit soorce]

Warldwide cherry yield

Annual warld production (as o 2007) o cultivatit cherry fruit is aboot twa million tonnes. Aroond 40% o warld production originates in Europe an aroond 13% in the Unitit States.

Tap Cherry Producin Naitions - 2009
(in thoosand metric tons)
Banner o Turkey Turkey 417.7
Banner o Unitit States USA 390.7
Banner o Iran Iran 225.0
Banner o Italy Italy 116.2
Banner o Spain Spain 96.4
Banner o Sirie Sirie 78.3
Banner o Roushie Roushie 69.0
Banner o Romanie Romanie 67.9
Banner o Uzbekistan Uzbekistan 67.0
Banner o Chile Chile 56.0
Banner o Fraunce Fraunce 53.6
Banner o Ukraine Ukraine 53.0
Banner o Poland Poland 50.5
Banner o Greece Greece 48.0
Banner o Germany Germany 39.5
Banner o Lebanon Lebanon 34.7
Banner o Austrick Austrick 30.3
Banner o Serbie Serbie 29.2
Flag of the People's Republic of China Cheenae 27.0
Banner o Japan Japan 18.0
Banner o Bulgarie Bulgarie 17.4
Banner o Armenie Armenie 15.0
Banner o Canadae Canadae 14.6
Banner o Australie Australie 13.7
Banner o Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 13.0
Banner o Indie Indie 12.7
Banner o Portugal Portugal 11.2
Banner o Albanie Albanie 10.9
Banner o Bosnie an Herzegovinae Bosnie an Herzegovinae 10.7
Banner o Swisserland Swisserland 10.2
Banner o Moldovae Moldovae 9.0
Banner o Hungary Hungary 8.1
Banner o Morocco Morocco 7.4
Banner o Croatie Croatie 7.1
Banner o Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 6.9
Warld Tot 2,196.1
Source: Fuid an Agricultur Organization o the Unitit Naitions[1]

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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