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Republic o Turkey
Türkiye Cumhuriyeti
Motto: nane
Offeecial leid Turkis
Caipital Ankara
Lairgest ceety Istanbul
 - Preses
 - Prime Meenister
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Ahmet Davutoğlu;
 - Tot
 - % watter

783,562 km²
 - 2010
 - Density
 - Treaty o Lausanne
 - Declaration o Republic
24 Julie 1923
29 October 1923;
Siller Turkis lira (TRY)
Time zone UTC + 1, Simmer: UTC + 1
Naitional anthem İstiklâl Marşı
The Anthem o Unthrildom
Internet TLD .tr
Cawin code 90

Turkey (Turkis: Türkiye), kent offeecially as the Republic o Turkey (Turkis: Türkiye Cumhuriyeti) is a muckle kintra in Eurasie. It haes laund mairches wi Greece an Bulgarie tae the wast an Georgie, Armenie, Azerbaijan (kent thegither as the "Caucauses" kintras), Iran, Iraq an Sirie tae the east an watter mairches wi the Mediterranean Sea tae the sooth.

The kintra wis the centre o the Ottoman Empire that haed owerins ower mony different kintras in baith wast Asie an sooth-east Europe. Houaniver, efter the First Warld War the Ottoman Empire wis malafousterd. It haed been allee'd tae Germany an efter the defeat o thon kintra an it's allees thare wis a brief period o occupation o twa o the kintra's muckle maist ceeties; Istanbul an Izmir bi the Allee'd Pooers. Houaniver, the kintra wis leeberatit unner the heidsmanship o Mustafa Kemal, kent forby as Ataturk (The Faither o the Turks in Turkis) an it becam an unthirlt republic in the 1920s. The caipital o Turkey is Ankara, but its muckle maist ceety is Istanbul that's seetuate in the wast o the kintra an wis historically kent as "Constantinople" an wis the caipital o the "Eastren Roman" or "Byzantine Empire".

Turkey haes aboot 74,816,000 fowk in it.

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