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Norse nameVestrey[1]
Meanin o nameAuld Norse for 'west island'
A view o the wastren side o the island, wi Wast an East Kirbest in the foregrund an Langskaill ayont
A view o the wastren side o the island, wi Wast an East Kirbest in the foregrund an Langskaill ayont
Westray is located in Orkney Islands
Westray shawn within Orkney
OS grid referenceHY461461
Coordinates59°18′N 3°00′W / 59.3°N 3.0°W / 59.3; -3.0
Physical geography
Island groupOrkney
Aurie47.13 square kilometre (18.2 sq mi)
Aurie rank24 [2]
Heichest elevationFitty Hill 169 metre (554.5 ft)
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Cooncil aurieOrkney Islands
Population rank20 [2]
Population density12.5 people/km2 [3][4]
Lairgest settlementPierowall

Westray is ane o the Orkney Islands in Scotland, wi a uisual resident population o juist unner 600 fowk. Its main veelage is Pierowall, wi a heritage centre, the 15t-century Lady Kirk an ferries tae Papa Westray.

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Soorces[eedit | eedit soorce]

Coordinates: 59°18′N 3°00′W / 59.300°N 3.000°W / 59.300; -3.000