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Waterford (Template:Derive or "windy fjord"—Erse: Port Láirge‎ meanin "Lárag's port")[1] is the seivent lairgest ceety in aw o Ireland an the fift lairgest ceety athin the Republic o Ireland. It is the lairgest ceety in the South-East o the kintra. Waterford Ceety Cooncil is the local govrenment entity for the ceety an its immediate hinterland. Foondit in 914 AD bi the Vikings, it is the kintra's auldest ceety.[2] The population o the ceety in 2006 wis 49,213; o which 45,748 lived athin the ceety limits, an 3,465 lived in the suburbs in Coonty Kilkenny.[3]

Twinnin[eedit | eedit soorce]

Waterford is twinned wi the follaein places:

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Coordinates: 52°15′30″N 7°07′08″W / 52.2583°N 7.119°W / 52.2583; -7.119