Ville Sorvali

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Ville Sorvali
Moonsorrow MTR 20110617 17.jpg
Myötätuulirock 2011
Background information
Born 13 Aprile 1980
Oreigin Helsinki, Finland
Genres Fowk metal
pagan metal
melodic black metal
Instruments Vocals, bass, drums
Years active 1995-present
Labels Spinefarm
Sagittarius Productions
Wabsteid [1]

Ville Sorvali (born Aprile 13, 1980 in Helsinki, Finland) is a Finnish muisicker an muisic jurnalist. He is the vocalist, bass guitarist an lyricist for the Finnish pagan metal baund Moonsorrow. His cousin Henri "Trollhorn" Sorvali is the rhythm guitarist an main sangwriter.

He speaks fluent Finnish an Inglis, an personally admits tae speakin "fairly poor" Swadish. He is currently playin in the baunds Human Death an Lakupaavi. Ither baunds he haes played in include Amoral[1] an May Withers. He haes haed nae muisical education. His idols include Alan Averill o Erse black metal baund Primordial, an Thomas Väänänen o the Swadish viking metal baund Thyrfing.

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