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Henri Sorvali

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Henri "Trollhorn" Sorvali, born October 19, 1978, in Helsinki, Finland, is a Finnish muisicker who is the guitarist an keybuirdist o the pagan metal baund Moonsorrow, an keybouidist for Finntroll,[1] an an aa plays for The Wicked.[2]

He an aa played keybuirds on a few occasional gigs wi The Rasmus in the late 90's. He haes an aa played in baunds cried Thunderdogs an Lakupaavi (a side project done as a joke bi members o Moonsorrow), an played as a session muisickern on Ensiferum's sel-titled debut album.

Sorvali gets inspiration frae baunds lik Anthrax, Bal-Sagoth, Bathory, Cannibal Corpse, Darkthrone, Helheim, Maze o Torment, Merciless an Thyrfing. His idols are Frank Zappa, Danny Elfman, an Jeremy Soule.

He is the cousin o Ville Sorvali, bassist an frontman o Moonsorrow. He haes an aa wirked as a muisic teacher in the Sibelius-lukio (Sibelius Heich Schuil) in Helsinki.

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