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Ur jordens djup

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Ur jordens djup
Studio album by Finntroll
Released28 Mairch 2007
RecorditOctober 2006
GenreBlack metal, fowk metal
Finntroll chronology
Ur jordens djup
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Review scores
Springheid Ratin
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[1]

Ur jordens djup (Scots: Frae the Depths o the Yird) is the fift full-lenth Finntroll album. It wis released on 28 Mairch 2007. The album is the first tae featur vocalist Mathias Lillmåns, who replacit Tapio Wilska in 2006. Unlik in Nattfödd, the leerics for this album wur written bi the baund's oreeginal vocalist, Jan "Katla" Jämsen.[2]

This an ither factors appear tae contribute tae a daurker, mair black metal feel. A muisic video for "Nedgång" wis released in Aprile.


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The baund approached the foondin member Jämsen aboot writin the leerics for this album. He chose tae continue a semi-mythical saga which haes been touched upon throughoot Finntroll's career. The "keengshaman o the trolls" character Rivfader (Ripfather), wis first introducit in thair first demo, fittingly titled "Rivfader" (re-recordit for Midnattens widunder), but Jämsen haes said that the story truly oreeginatit in the sang "Födosagan" on the seicont album, Jaktens tid. The sang "Eliytres", frae Nattfödd, maks reference tae Rivfader an aw.

Aside frae this, the leerical concept for this album wis based on Nordic meeths, the Kalevala (the Finnish naitional epic), history an stories o Jämsen's awn creation. He haes statit that the focus haes muivit frae conflict atween pagan an Christian beliefs, tae bein mair concerned wi the natur o meeth, seembolism, an the oreegin o aw meethology. This is meant tae complement the auld-an-new dynamic o the muisical aspect o Finntroll, which mixes traditional fowk muisic wi vera modren metal muisic.

The narrative o the album itsel concerns a struggle atween witches an trollshamen, the daith an resurrection o Rivfader, the "journey an odyssey o the shaman" an the "great war against ane-sel".

Track leetin

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Aw lyrics written bi Jan Jämsen.

1."Gryning" (Trollhorn)Dawn3:31
2."Sång" (Trollhorn)Song4:40
3."Korpens Saga" (Trollhorn)The Raven's Tale3:26
4."Nedgång" (Trollhorn/Tundra)Dounfaw3:44
5."Ur Djupet" (Trollhorn/Tundra)Oot o the Depths4:59
6."Slagbröder" (Tundra)Battle-brithers4:31
7."En Mäktig Här" (Trollhorn)A Michty Horde4:19
8."Ormhäxan" (Routa/Trollhorn)The Snakewitch4:39
9."Maktens Spira" (Trollhorn)The Scepter o Pouer3:28
10."Under Två Runor" (Trollhorn)Unner Twa Runes5:36
11."Kvällning/Trollvisan (Hidden track)" (Trollhorn)Dusk/The Troll Song13:02


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Additional personnel

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  • Antti "Perish" Eräkangas – guitar solo on "Maktens Spira"
  • Petri Eskelinen – shoutin
  • Katla - leerics


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  • Nino Laurenne – ingineer, mixin
  • Mika Jussila – masterin


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