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Teemu Raimoranta

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Teemu Raimoranta
Forby kent asSomnium
Born19 Mey 1977(1977-05-19)
Deid16 Mairch 2003(2003-03-16) (aged 25)
Helsinki, Finland
GenresFowk metal, Black metal
InstrumentsGuitar, Vocals
Years active1995-2003
LabelsSpikefarm/Spinefarm, Osmose
Associate actsFinntroll, Barathrum,
Impaled Nazarene, Thy Serpent

Teemu (Somnium) Raimoranta (19 Mey 1977-16 Mairch 2003) wis a Finnish metal muisicker. He wis the foondin guitarist o Finnish fowk metal baund Finntroll alang wi vocalist Jan "Katla" Jämsen. He wis active in Finntroll as a guitarist till his daith in 2003. He an aa played in Thy Serpent, Barathrum, an Impaled Nazarene [1].

Raimoranta dee'd on 16 Mairch 2003 efter fallin frae the Kaisaniemi brig in Helsinki while intoxicatit.[2] His daith occurred shortly efter his involvement in Finntroll's completion o Visor Um Slutet, which wis dedicatit tae his memory.


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Thy Serpent

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  • Into Everlasting Fire Demo (1995)


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  • Saatana (1999)
  • Okkult (2000)


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Impaled Nazarene

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