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Coat o airms o Sooth Vietnam, 1955-1975.

Vietnamese draigons (Vietnamese: rồng or long ) are seembolic creaturs in the fowklear an meethologie o Vietnam. Accordin tae an auncient creation meeth, the Vietnamese fowk are descendit frae a draigon an a fairy.

Tae Vietnamese fowk, the draigon brings rain, essential for agricultur. It represents the emperor, the prosperity an pouer o the naition. Like the Cheenese draigon, the Vietnamese draigon is the seembol o yang, representin the universe, life, existence, an growthe.

Extant references tae the Vietnamese Draigon are rare nou, due tae the fierce chynges in history that accompaniet the sinicization o the Nguyễn Dynasty.

The legend[eedit | eedit soorce]

The 5t-generation grandson o Shennong, Lạc Long Quân- king o the draigonkynd livin near the Đông sea, marriet a goddess, Âu Cơ who wis the dochter o the birdkynd king Đế Lai. Âu Cơ bore 100 eggs, which hatched intae 100 sons. The first-born son became the king o Lạc Việt, the first dynasty o Vietnam, an proclaimit hissel Emperor Hùng Vương. The First wis follaeed bi Hùng Vương The Seicont, Hùng Vương The Third an so on, throu 18 reigns. This is the oreegin o the Vietnamese proverb: "Con Rồng, cháu Tiên" ("Childer o Draigon, Grandchilder o Gods").

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