Vermilion Bird

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Vermilion Bird
Zhū Què sculptur on the eaves tile
Chinese name
Leeteral meaninVermilion Peafowl
Vietnamese name
Vietnamese alphabetChu Tước
Thai name
Korean name
Japanese name
Hiraganaすざく or しゅじゃく

The Vermilion bird is ane o the Fower Seembols o the Cheenese constellations. Accordin tae Wu Xing, the Taoist five-elemental seestem, it represents the fire-element, the direction sooth, an the saison simmer correspondingly. Sicweys it is whiles cried the Vermilion bird o the Sooth (南方朱雀, Nán Fāng Zhū Què). It is kent as Zhuque in Cheenese, Suzaku in Japanese, Jujak in Korean an Chu Tước in Vietnamese. It is aften mistaken for the Fenghuang due tae similarities in appearance, but the twa are different creaturs. The Fenghuang (seemilar tae the phoenix in wastren meethologies) are legendary ruler o birds associatit wi the Cheenese Empress in the same wey the draigon is associatit wi the Emperor, while the Vermilion Bird is a meethological spirit creatur o the Cheenese constellations.

The Seiven Mansions o the Vermilion Bird[eedit | eedit soorce]

As the ither three Seembols, thare are seiven "mansions", or poseetions, o the muin athin Vermilion Bird. The names an determinative stars are:[1][2]

Mansion no. Name (pinyin) Translation Determinative starn
22 井 (Jǐng) Well μ Gem
23 鬼 (Guǐ) Ghost θ Cnc
24 柳 (Liǔ) Willow δ Hya
25 星 (Xīng) Starn α Hya
26 張 (Zhāng) Extendit Net υ¹ Hya
27 翼 (Yì) Wings α Crt
28 軫 (Zhěn) Chariot γ Crv

Natur o the seembol[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Vermilion Bird on the gates o a Han Dynasty mausoleum complex

The Vermilion bird is an elegant an noble bird in baith appearance an behaviour, it is vera selective in what it eats an whare it perches, wi its feathers in mony different hues o vermilion.

Stars[eedit | eedit soorce]

Fower Seembols Mansion (Cheenese name) Romanization Translation Asterisms (Cheenese name) Romanization Translation Wastren starn name Chinese starn name Romanization Translation
Vermilion Bird o the South (南方朱雀) Guǐ Ghost 外廚 Wàichú Outer Kitchen
2 Hya 外廚一 Wàichúyī 1st starn
3 Hya / HD 74395 外廚二 Wàichúèr 2nt starn
14 Hya 外廚三 Wàichúsān 3rd starn
Liǔ Willow Liǔ Willow[3]
δ Hya
柳宿一 Liǔsùyī 1st starn
柳宿距星 Liǔsujùxīng Separatit starn
柳宿西头第三星 Liǔsuxītoudìsānxīng 3rd starn in the upper wast
玉井西北星 Yùjǐngxīběixīng Starn in northwast o Jade Well constellation
The thong
鹑火星 Chúnhuǒxīng The phoenix
σ Hya 柳宿二 Liǔsùèr 2nt starn
η Hya 柳宿三 Liǔsùsān 3rd starn
ρ Hya 柳宿四 Liǔsùsì 4t starn
ε Hya 柳宿五 Liǔsùwǔ 5t starn
ζ Hya 柳宿六 Liǔsùliù 6t starn
ω Hya 柳宿七 Liǔsùqī 7t starn
θ Hya 柳宿八 Liǔsùbā 8t starn
Xīng Starn Xīng Star[4]
α Hya
星宿一 Xīngsùyī 1st starn
星宿距星 Xīngsùjùxīng Separatit starn
星宿中央大星 Xīngsuzhōngyāngdàxīng Big starn in the center
τ1 Hya 星宿二 Xīngsùèr 2nt starn
τ2 Hya 星宿三 Xīngsùsān 3rd starn
ι Hya 星宿四 Xīngsùsì 4t starn
26 Hya 星宿五 Xīngsùwǔ 5t starn
27 Hya 星宿六 Xīngsùliù 6t starn
HD 82477 & HD 82428 星宿七 Xīngsùqī 7t starn
Zhāng Extendit Net Zhāng Extended Net[5]
υ1 Hya 張宿一 Zhāngsùyī 1st starn
λ Hya 張宿二 Zhāngsùèr 2nt starn
μ Hya 張宿三 Zhāngsùsān 3rd starn
HD 87344 張宿四 Zhāngsùsì 4t starn
κ Hya 張宿五 Zhāngsùwǔ 5t starn
φ Hya 張宿六 Zhāngsùliù 6t starn
Wings Wings[6][7]
ν Hya 翼宿五 Yìsùwǔ 5t starn
HD 100307 翼宿十八 Yìsùshíbā 18t starn
HD 96819 翼宿十九 Yìsùshíjiǔ 19t starn
χ1 Hya 翼宿二十 Yìsùèrshí 20t starn
HD 102620 翼宿二十一 Yìsùèrshíyī 21st starn
HD 103462 翼宿二十二 Yìsùèrshíèr 22nt starn
Zhěn Chariot 青丘 Qīngqiū Green Hill[8]
β Hya
青丘一 Qīngqiūyī 1st starn
土公西星 Tǔgōngxīxīng Starn in the wast o offeecial for Earthworks an Buildings constellation
HD 103596 青丘二 Qīngqiūèr 2nt starn
17 Crt[9] 青丘三 Qīngqiūsān 3rd starn
HD 100393 青丘四 Qīngqiūsì 4t starn
ξ Hya 青丘五 Qīngqiūwu 5t starn
ο Hya 青丘七 Qīngqiūqī 7t starn
軍門 Jūnmén Militar Gate HD 104309 軍門一 Jūnményī 1st starn

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