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A mukkil banefire
A biggin on fire

Fire (or fyr) is a phenomenon o combustion kyth'd in strang heat an licht in the furm o a lowe or flames. The wird fire whan uis'd wi an indefinit artikil is forordnar uis'd ti deskrive aither a fuel in a state o combustion (sic as a campfire or a fire in a brace or kitchen stove) or an instance o veilent, destructive an uncontrol'd burnin (sic as a wildfire an fires in biggins an vehicles.

Makkin fires[eedit | eedit soorce]

Fire isna a state o maiter: raither, it is an exothermic chemical reaction accompanied bi intense heat lowsed durin a swith oxidation o combustible material. Fire can be visibil as the bricht glowe an flames an can mak reek.