Huang Long

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In Cheenese meethologie, Huang Long (tradeetional Cheenese: 黃龍; semplifee'd Cheenese: 黄龙; pinyin: Huánglóng; Cantonese Yale: wong4 lung4; Japanese: [[Kōryū or Ōryū] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help)] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help); Korean: Hwang-Ryong; Vietnamese: Hoàng Long; literally: "Yellow Dragon") or 黄竜 is a hornless draigon which ance emergit frae the River Luo an presentit the legendar Emperor Fu Xi wi the elements o writin. Accordin tae legend, when it appeared afore Fu Xi, it filled a hole in the sky made bi the monster Gong Gong. Its waukin, sleepin an braithin determined day an nicht, saison an wather.

In East Asie cultur, thare is whiles a fift Gairdian Beast o the Si Xiang. This deity is the gairdian o the centre an it represents the element Yird, the Cheenese quintessence, as well as the chyngin o the saisons.

Huang Long daes no appear in Japanese meethologie: the fift element in the Japanese elemental seestem is Void, sae thare canna be an ainimal representin it. Acause o this, Huang Long is aften forgotten. Housomeivver, some consider the Ouryu (Ōryū, yellae dragon) as the Japanese coonterpairt o Huang Long syne thay share some similarities.

The legendar Yellae Emperor wis whiles said tae hae transformit intae a draigon that resembled his emblem an ascendit tae heiven. Syne the Cheenese consider him tae be thair ancestor, thay whiles refer tae thairsels as "the childer o the draigon". This legend contributit towards the uise o the Cheenese draigon as a seembol o imperial pouer an aw.