Fower Seembols (Cheenese constellation)

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The Fower Seembols (Cheenese: 四象; pinyin: sì xiàng) are fower meethological creaturs in the Cheenese constellations. They are the Azur Draigon (simplifeed Cheenese: 青龙; traditeeonal Cheenese: 青龍; pinyin: qīnglóng) o the east, the Vermilion Bird (Cheenese: 朱雀; pinyin: zhūquè) o the sooth, the White Teeger (Cheenese: 白虎; pinyin: baíhŭ) o the wast, an the Black Tortoise (Cheenese: 玄武; pinyin: xuánwŭ) o the north.

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