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Flag of Uruguay.svg
Tot population
(3,500,000 + est.
0.049% o Warld population)
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Uruguay 3,494,382 (2009)
 Unitit States48,234[2]
Rioplatense Spaingie (Uruguayan Spaingie), Portuñol
Protestantism, Irreleegious an Umbanda.
Relatit ethnic groups
Laitin Americans · Italians · Spaniards · Galicies · French · Ashkenazi an ithers.

Uruguayans (Uruguayos in Spaingie) are the citizens o the Uruguay. The kintra is hame tae fowk o different naitional oreegins. As a result, Uruguayans dae no equate their naitionality wi ethnicity, but wi citizenship. Uruguay is, alang wi ither settler societies like its neebour Argentinae or ither kintras such Canadae, Australie or the United States a meltin pot o different fowks, wi the difference that it haes tradeetionally maintained a model that promotes cultural assimilation, hence the different culturs hae been absorbit bi the mainstream. Uruguay haes ane o the maist homogeneous populations in Sooth Americae wi the maist common ethnic backgrunds are Italian an Spaingie, especially Galicies, Castilians an Basques.

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