Unitit States Declaration o Unthirldom

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Unitit States Declaration o Unthirldom
United States Declaration of Independence.jpg
1823 facsimile o the engrossed copy
Creatit Juin–Julie 1776
Ratified Julie 4, 1776
Location Engrossed copy: National Archives
Rough draft: Librar o Congress
Author(s) Thomas Jefferson et al. (Engrosser: Probably Timothy Matlack)
Signatories 56 delegates tae the Continental Congress
Purpose Tae announce an explain separation frae Great Breetain[1]

The Declaration o Unthirldom is the statement adoptit bi the Seicont Continental Congress meetin at the Pennsylvanie State Hoose (Unthirldom Haw) in Philadelphia on Julie 4, 1776, which annoonced that the thirteen American colonies,[2] then at war wi the Kinrick o Great Breetain, regairdit themsels as thirteen newly independent sovereign states, an na langer unner Breetish rule. Instead thay formed a new naition—the Unitit States o Americae. John Adams wis a leader in pushin for unthirldom, which wis passed on Julie 2 wi na opposin vote cast.

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