Tlahualilo de Zaragoza

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Tlahualilo de Zaragoza
Municipal seat an ceety
Tlahualilo de Zaragoza is located in Mexico
Tlahualilo de Zaragoza
Tlahualilo de Zaragoza
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 26°07′N 103°27′W / 26.117°N 103.450°W / 26.117; -103.450
Kintra Mexico
 • Total8,798

Tlahualilo de Zaragoza is a ceety locatit in the northeastren pairt o the Mexican state o Durango. Tlahualilo de Zaragoza is the municipal seat o the Tlahualilo municipio.[1] The ceety haes 8,798 inhabitants an is pairt o the Comarca Lagunera metropolitan aurie which haes a population totallin mair nor 912,000 inhabitants in 2005. The municipality haes a population o 19,882[2] inhabitants an borders the state o Coahuila in the east, the municipality o Mapimí tae the wast an the ceety o Gómez Palacio tae the sooth.

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