Pueblo Nuevo Municipality, Durango

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Pueblo Nuevo
Pueblo Nuevo is locatit in Mexico
Pueblo Nuevo
Pueblo Nuevo
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 23°47′N 105°22′W / 23.783°N 105.367°W / 23.783; -105.367
Kintra  Mexico
State Durango
Municipal seat El Salto
 • Tot 6,178.3 km2 (2,385.5 sq mi)
Population (2005)
 • Tot 2,837

Pueblo Nuevo is ane o the 39 municipalities o Durango, in north-wastren Mexico. The municipal seat lees at El Salto. The municipality covers an aurie o 6178.3 km².

The veelage o Pueblo Nuevo which wis the seat o govrenment o the municipality afore the 1920s haed a total population o 2,837. El Salto which is closer tae wha wis at the time the new twa-lane main pavit road then wis made the new caipital. El Salto grew ower the follaein decades tae the point whaur the population is nou ower 20,000. The municipality as a whole haes a population o amaist 50,000.[1] The veelage is on the new fower-lane heich-gate route atween Durango, Durango an Mazatlan, Sinaloa an is likely tae see expandin tourist traffic due tae its proximity tae the Baluarte Brig.

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