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San Francisco del Mezquital

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San Francisco del Mezquital
Municipal seat an ceety
San Francisco del Mezquital is located in Mexico
San Francisco del Mezquital
San Francisco del Mezquital
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 23°28′24″N 104°23′45″W / 23.47333°N 104.39583°W / 23.47333; -104.39583Coordinates: 23°28′24″N 104°23′45″W / 23.47333°N 104.39583°W / 23.47333; -104.39583
Kintra Mexico

Mezquital (Tepehuan: Boodamtam) is a ceety an seat o the Mezquital Municipality in the state o Durango, north-wastren Mexico.[1] It is situate in the northeast o the municipality, naur the boond wi the Municipality o Suchil.

Thare wancertainty as tae the offeecial name o this municipal caipital. Accordin tae a online encyclopedia o Mexico's municipalities producit bi the federal Secretariat o Govrenance, the name o this ceety is simply Mezquital,[2] but the federal postal service gies San Francisco del Mezquital,[3] whilk is the name o the seicont convent foondit in the vicinity durin the colonial era.


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