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Tito Vilanova

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Tito Vilanova
Vilanova in 2012
Personal information
Fou name Francesc Vilanova i Bayó
Date o birth 17 September 1968(1968-09-17)
Place o birth Bellcaire d'Empordà, Spain
Date o daith 25 Apryle 2014(2014-04-25) (aged 45)
Place o daith Barcelona, Spain
Hicht 1.82 m (5 ft 11 12 in)
Playin poseetion Midfielder
Hauflin career
1984–1988 Barcelona
Senior career*
Years Team Apps (Gls)
1988–1990 Barcelona B 52 (6)
1990–1992 Figueres 72 (6)
1992–1995 Celta 26 (1)
1995–1996 Badajoz 33 (2)
1996–1997 Mallorca 10 (0)
1997–1998 Lleida 21 (3)
1998–2000 Elche 63 (6)
2000–2001 Gramenet 28 (2)
Total 305 (26)
Teams manisht
2003–2004 Palafrugell
2007–2008 Barcelona B (assistant)
2008–2012 Barcelona (assistant)
2012–2013 Barcelona
* Senior club appearances an goals coontit for the domestic league anerly

Francesc "Tito" Vilanova i Bayó (17 September 1968 – 25 Apryle 2014) wis a Spaingie fitbaw central midfielder an manager.

Efter a profeesional career which consistit o 26 La Liga gemmes in three saisons combined, aw wi Celta, he went on tae wirk wi Barcelona as a assistant coach unner Pep Guardiola, bein pairt o the squads that wan 14 titles.[1]

In 2012 Vilanova wis appointit first-team manager, winnin the naitional championship in his first season. He steppit doun in Julie 2013 due tae ill halth, an dee'd the follaein year frae cancer.

Playin career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Born in Bellcaire d'Empordà, Girona, Catalonie, Vilanova emergit in the youth ranks o local FC Barcelona, but left the La Liga giants in 1990 unable tae break throu intae the first team.[1] His next club wis in his native region an aw, UE Figueres, wi the player helpin the team tae its best-iver Segunda División clessification in the 1991–92 campaign (third place); the team wad eventually face Cádiz CF in the promotion play-affs, luisin 1–3 on aggregate.

Subsequently Vilanova muivit tae the tap level wi Celta de Vigo, but appeared rarely ower the course o three full saisons,[2] returnin tae diveesion twa in 1995 an representin CD Badajoz, RCD Mallorca – contributin wi ten gemmes as the Balearic Islands side promoted tae the tap flichtUE Lleida an Elche CF, reteerin in Dizember 2001 wi lawly UDA Gramenet.[3][4]

Durin his time at Lleida, in a 1998 Copa Catalunya gemme against Barcelona, coached bi José Mourinho who swappit responsibilities wi heid coach Louis van Gaal durin the toornament, Vilanova scored a goal, becomin the first player tae net against a team directit bi the Portuguese.[5]

Managerial career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Vilanova (far richt) as a assistant manager o Barcelona B.

Vilanova stairtit his coachin career in 2003–04, bein in chairge o Tercera División side FC Palafrugell an sufferin relegation tae Primera Catalana.[6][7] Efter wirkin as technical director at Terrassa FC he wis appointit assistant manager at FC Barcelona B, unner manager Pep Guardiola, wi the club in the fowert level.[1]

In the simmer o 2008, efter leadin the reserve side tae promotion tae Segunda División B, Vilanova an Guardiola wur assigned tae the Barcelona first team, replacin Dutch duo Frank Rijkaard an Johan Neeskens.[1] His first saison at the Camp Nou wis the maist successfu in Barcelona's history, wi the club winnin sax major trophies an becomin the first in Spain tae win the Copa del Rey, league an UEFA Champions League titles (the treble) in the same saison.[8]

On 27 Apryle 2012, at the press conference in which Barcelona confirmit Guardiola's depairtur, it wis annooncit that Vilanova wad be his successor.[9] On 15 Juin he signed a twa-year contract,[10] an the team went on tae luise anerly aicht competitive gemmes durin the saison, winnin its 22nt domestic championship.

Honours[eedit | eedit soorce]

Manager[eedit | eedit soorce]


Individual[eedit | eedit soorce]

Managerial record[eedit | eedit soorce]

Team Frae Tae Record[11]
G W D L GF GA GD Win %
Barcelona 1 Julie 2012[8] 18 Dizember 2012[12] 27 23 2 2 77 28 +49 085.19
Barcelona 6 Januar 2013[12] 23 Januar 2013[12] 5 3 1 1 16 6 +10 060.00
Barcelona 1 Apryle 2013[12] 19 Julie 2013[13] 13 8 3 2 28 17 +11 061.54
Tot 45 34 6 5 121 51 +70 075.56

Health issues an daith[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 19 Dizember 2012, Barcelona annooncit that Vilanova wis sufferin frae parotid gland cancer for the seicont time.[14][15] He wis first diagnosit on 22 November o the previous year.[16]

Vilanova unnerwent surgery on 20 Dizember, subsequently bein in chemotherapy an radiotherapy treatment for aroond sax weeks.[17] Assistant Jordi Roura teuk ower as heid coach, wi the heid manager returnin tae the bench in late Mairch 2013.[18]

On 19 Julie 2013 Vilanova resigned as Barcelona manager as he relapsit frae his condeetion, statin that the relatit treatment wis no compatible wi the status o a profeesional manager.[13][19] He dee'd on 25 Apryle 2014, due tae complications frae the cancer, at the age o 45 efter sufferin a relapse the previous week.[20][21][22]

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Vilanova wis marriet tae Montse Chaure.[23] The couple haed twa childer, dochter Carlota an son Adrià, wi the latter bein shapit in Barcelona's youth seestem an aw.[24]

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