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Template documentation

This is the documentation for Template:Kintra data Roushie. It is automatically generatit bi Template:Kintra showdata

Template:Kintra data Roushie is an internal data container not intended to be transcluded directly. It is used indirectly by templates such as flag, flagicon, and others. For a more thorough discussion of the flag template system, including parameters not described here, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject Flag Template.

Please purge the cache after making any changes to this template.

See also: Banner o Roushie

Standard parameters

Parameter name Value Meanin
alias Roushie Main airticle name (Roushie)
flag alias Flag of Russia.svg Image name (Image:Flag of Russia.svg, shown above right)

Flag variants

Label Flag image (40px) Image name
1991 Flag of Russia (1991-1993).svg Flag of Russia 1991-1993.svg
naval Naval Ensign of Russia.svg Naval Ensign of Russia.svg
air force Russian Air Forces flag.png Russian Air Forces flag.png

Naval ensign

This template includes a naval ensign flag variant that can be used with Template:Navy:

  • {{navy|Roushie}} Roushie Navy
  • {{flagicon|Roushie|naval}}Roushie

Air force ensign

This template includes an air force ensign flag variant that can be used with Template:Air force:

Redirect aliases

This template can also be used via an alias name (implemented as a redirect to this template):
Alias name {{flag|alias}} output {{flagcountry|alias}} output
RUS (view)  RUS  Roushie
Roushie Federation (view)  Roushie Federation  Roushie

Example usage

  • {{flag|Roushie}} Roushie
  • {{flagicon|Roushie}}Roushie
Using a flag variant
  • {{flag|Roushie|1991}} Roushie
  • {{flagicon|Roushie|1991}}Roushie
Using a redirect alias
  • {{flagicon|RUS}}Roushie
  • {{flagcountry|RUS}} Roushie
  • {{flag|RUS}} RUS

Relatit templates

Please see the follaein relatit kintra_data templates: