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The Assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan happenit on Monday, 30 Mairch, 1981. 69 days efter acomin Preses, Ronald Reagan wis leavin efter a speakin engagement at the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C.. Shots were firit bi John Hinckley, Jr. as he left tae enter the presestial limo. The assassination attempt stairtit concern aboot gun control.

Ronald Reagan wis shot in the chest an in the lawer richt airm. He sufferit a puncturit lung an hivy internal bleedin, but prompt medical attention allaed him tae recover quickly. No formal invocation o succession teuk place, altho Unitit States Secretar o State Alexander Haig controversially statit that he wis "in control here" while Vice Preses George H. W. Bush returnit tae Washington.

Nobody wis killit in the attack, though Press Secretar James Brady wis left paralyzit an permanently disablit. Hinckley wis foond nae guilty bi reason o insanity an remains confinit tae a psychiatric facility.

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