Washington Hilton

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Washington Hilton
Hilton Washington - Connecticut Avenue.JPG
General information
Location 1919 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
Washington, District of Columbia
Openin 1965
Management Hilton Worldwide
Technical details
Fluir coont 12
Design an construction
Airchitect William B. Tabler Architects
Developer Uris Brothers
Ither information
Nummer o rooms 1,070
Nummer o suites 47
Nummer o restaurants The District Line Restaurant, McClellan's Sports Bar

The Washington Hilton,[1][2] which wis officially kent as the Hilton Washington for a period in the early 21st century and is sometimes referrit to ironically as the Hinckley Hilton[3][4][5] bi locals, is a hotel in Washington, D.C. It is locatit at 1919 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., roughly at the boundaries of the Kalorama, Dupont Circle, and Adams Morgan neighborhoods.

The hotel wis the site of the assassination attempt on Preses Ronald Reagan bi John Hinckley, Jr. on Mairch 30, 1981. The attempt occurrit at the hotel's T Street NW exit.

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