Taxus cuspidata

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Taxus cuspidata
Scientific classification
Kinrick: Plantae
Diveesion: Pinophyta
Cless: Pinopsida
Order: Pinales
Faimily: Taxaceae
Genus: Taxus
Species: T. cuspidata
Binomial name
Taxus cuspidata

Taxus cuspidata (Japanese Yew or Spreadin Yew) is a member o the genus Taxus, native tae Japan, Korea, northeast Cheenae an the extreme sootheast o Roushie.

It is an evergreen tree or lairge shrub growin tae 10–18 m taw, wi a trunk up tae 60 cm diameter. The leafs is lanceolate, flat, mirk green, 1–3 cm lang an 2–3 mm braid, arranged spirally on the stem, but wi the leaf bases twistit tae align the leafs in twa flattis rows baith sides o the stem cep on erect leadin shuits whaur the spiral arrangement is mair obvious.

The seed cones are heichly modified, each cone containin a single seed 4–8 mm lang pairtly surroondit bi a modified scale that develops intae a saft, bricht reid berry-like structur cried an aril, 8–12 mm lang an wide an open at the end. The arils are matur 6–9 month efter pollination. Individual trees frae Sikhote-Alin is kent tae hae been 1,000 year auld.[1] Archived 2007-09-29 at the Wayback Machine

Uises[eedit | eedit soorce]

It is widely grown in eastren Asie an eastren North Americae as an ornamental plant.

The hale yew bush is toxic eneuch tae kill a horse, cep for the fleshy berry surroundin the seed.[1] For dugs, 2/5ths o an oz per 10 poonds o body weicht is lethal. It is advisable tae keep domestic animals awa frae the plant.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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