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সিলেট (Silēţ)
Sylhet City Corporation
Location o Sylhet frae the caipital athin Bangladesh
Location o Sylhet frae the caipital athin Bangladesh
DiveesionSylhet Diveesion
DestrictSylhet Destrict
Metropolitan ceety status31 Mairch 2009[1]
Sylhet City Corporation9 Aprile 2001
Municipal Board1867
 • MayorBadar Uddin Ahmed Kamran (Awami League)
 • Total26.50 km2 (10.23 sq mi)
 • Total463,198
 • Density17479/km2 (45,270/sq mi)
 • Demonym
 • Ethnicity[3]
99% Bengali
1% Manipuri Khasi an ithers
 • LanguagesSylheti, Bengali, Inglis
 • Literacy rate70%
Time zoneUTC+6 (BST)
Post code
WebsiteOffeecial wabsteid

Sylhet (Sylheti: ছিলট Silôţ, Bengali: সিলেট Ṣileţ), is a major ceety in north-eastren Bangladesh. It is the main ceety o Sylhet Diveesion an Sylhet Destrict, an wis grantit metropolitan ceety status in Mairch 2009.[1] Sylhet is locatit on the banks o the Surma Valley an is surroondit bi the Jaintia, Khasi an Tripura hills. The ceety is approachin a population o 500,000 fowk while an aw haein a heich population density. It is ane o the lairgest ceeties in Bangladesh. The Sylhet region is weel kent for its tea gardens an tropical forests The ceety is an aw kent for its business boom; being ane o the richest ceeties in Bangladesh,[4] wi new investments o hotels, shoppin maws an luxury hoosin estates, brocht mainly bi expatriates livin in the Unitit Kinrick.[5][6]

Sylhet haes a history o conquests an heritage frae different types o culturs. The ceety is describit as a Ceety o Saunts,[7] wi the mausoleum o the great saunt Hazrat Shah Jalal, who brocht Islam tae Bengal durin the 14t century, being locatit here.[8] Durin the next few centuries it wis pairt o the state o Assam durin the rule o Breetish Raj. Efter unthirldom atween Indie an Pakistan, Sylhet wis then pairt o East Pakistan based on a referendum, an is nou pairt o Bangladesh. It played a major role in the Bangladesh Leeberation War durin the 1970s.Sylhet is the most attractive place for tourist.It is really a land of beauty in Bangladesh. The natural beauty and traditional history of Sylhet are proud for me.Actually the charming beauty of sylhet touches the heart of anyone.High hill, forest,river and canal are very amazing for anyone sylhet has.I still feel the beauty of sylhet Archived 2020-07-12 at the Wayback Machine when I visited last.

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