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This airticle is aboot the ceety o Sylhet. For ither meanins, see Sylhet (disambiguation).
সিলেট (Silēţ)
Sylhet City Corporation
Location o Sylhet frae the caipital athin Bangladesh
Location o Sylhet frae the caipital athin Bangladesh
DiveesionSylhet Diveesion
DestrictSylhet Destrict
Metropolitan ceety status31 Mairch 2009[1]
Sylhet City Corporation9 Aprile 2001
Municipal Board1867
 • MayorBadar Uddin Ahmed Kamran (Awami League)
 • Total26.50 km2 (10.23 sq mi)
 • Tot463,198
 • Density17,479/km2 (45,270/sq mi)
 • Demonym
 • Ethnicity[3]
99% Bengali
1% Manipuri, Khasi an ithers
 • LanguagesSylheti, Bengali, Inglis
 • Literacy rate70%
Time zoneUTC+6 (BST)
Post code
WabsteidOffeecial wabsteid

Sylhet (Sylheti: ছিলট Silôţ, Bengali: সিলেট Ṣileţ), is a major ceety in north-eastren Bangladesh. It is the main ceety o Sylhet Diveesion an Sylhet Destrict, an wis grantit metropolitan ceety status in Mairch 2009.[1] Sylhet is locatit on the banks o the Surma Valley an is surroondit bi the Jaintia, Khasi an Tripura hills. The ceety is approachin a population o 500,000 fowk while an aw haein a heich population density. It is ane o the lairgest ceeties in Bangladesh. The Sylhet region is well kent for its tea gardens an tropical forests The ceety is an aw kent for its business boom; being ane o the richest ceeties in Bangladesh,[4] wi new investments o hotels, shoppin maws an luxury hoosin estates, brought mainly bi expatriates livin in the Unitit Kinrick.[5][6]

Sylhet haes a history o conquests an heritage frae different types o culturs. The ceety is describit as a Ceety o Saunts,[7] wi the mausoleum o the great saunt Hazrat Shah Jalal, who brought Islam tae Bengal durin the 14t century, being locatit here.[8] Durin the next few centuries it wis pairt o the state o Assam durin the rule o Breetish Raj. Efter unthirldom atween Indie an Pakistan, Sylhet wis then pairt o East Pakistan based on a referendum, an is nou pairt o Bangladesh. It played a major role in the Bangladesh Leeberation War durin the 1970s.

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