Swiss Super League

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Swiss Super League
Kintra  Swisserland
Ither club(s) frae Liechtenstein
Nummer o teams10
Levels on pyramid1
Relegation taeChallenge League
Domestic cup(s)Schweizer Cup
Internaitional cup(s)UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
Current championsBasel (20t teetle)
Maist championshipsGrasshopper
(27 teetles)
WabsteidSwiss Football League
2019–20 Swiss Super League

The Swiss Super League or Raiffeisen Super League is the tap tier o the Swiss fitbaw league seestem.[1] The Swiss Super League is currently rankit 13t accordin tae UEFA's rankin o league coefficients, which is based upon Swiss team performances in European competeetions.

Names[eedit | eedit soorce]

Years German French Italian
1897–1929 Serie A
1930–31 1e Ligue Prima Lega
1931–44 Nationalliga Ligue Nationale Lega Nazionale
1933 Challenge Naitional Challenge Naitional
1944–2003 Nationalliga A Ligue Nationale A Lega Nazionale A
2003–2012 Axpo Super League
2012– Raiffeisen Super League

2017–18 saison[eedit | eedit soorce]

Pairticipatin clubs[eedit | eedit soorce]

The teams competin in the 2017–18 saison are

Team Foundation Hometoun Venue Capacity
FC Basel 15/11/1893 Basel St. Jakob-Park 37.994
Grasshopper Club Zürich 01/09/1886 Zürich Letzigrund 26.104
FC Lausanne-Sport 01/09/1896 Lausanne Pontaise 15.850
FC Lugano 28/07/1908 Lugano Stadio Cornaredo 6.390
FC Luzern 12/08/1901 Luzern Swissporarena 16.490
FC Sion 01/07/1909 Sion Tourbillon 14.283
FC St. Gallen 19/04/1879 St. Gallen Kybunpark 19.456
FC Thun 04/05/1898 Thun Stockhorn Arena 10.104
BSC Young Boys 14/03/1898 Bern Stade de Suisse 31.789
FC Zürich 28/08/1896 Zürich Letzigrund 26.104

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