FC Sion

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FC Sion
Full name FC Sion
Foondit 1909
Ground Stade Tourbillon, Sion
Ground Capacity 14,500
Chairman Christian Constantin
Manager Michel Decastel
League Swiss Super League
2018/19 Swiss Super League, 8t
Current saison

FC Sion is a Swiss fitbaw team frae the ceety o Sion. The club wis foondit in 1909, an play thair home gemmes at the Stade Tourbillon. Thay hae wan the Swiss Super League twice, an the Swiss Cup in each o thair twal appearances in the final, the maist recent bein in 2011.

The first team is an aa kent as Olympique des Alpes SA, as Swiss Football League (the tap twa levels) requires fitbaw clubs tae be run as a company.