Suzuki APV

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A Suzuki APV (first generation).

Suzuki APV (All Purpose Vehicle) is Suzuki's budget MPV designed in Japan an assembled in Indonesie bi PT. Indomobil Suzuki International (a subsidiary o Suzuki).

In November 2007, Suzuki released the improved APV named APV Arena (APV Type II in some kintras). It affers mair luxurious features wi the Luxury/SGX type as the flagships (captain seat version). No juist doing some facelift in exterior but an aa the interior is chynged as well an improvement in ingine performance.

The APVs are exportit tae kintras like Australie, Algerie, Aruba, Chile, Dominican Republic, Malaysie, Singapore, Brunei, Pakistan, Thailand an the Philippines.

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