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Sungri Motor Plant

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Sungri Motor Plant
Revised RomanisationSeungri Jadongcha Gongjang
McCune–ReischauerSŭngri Chadongch'a Kongjang

Sungri Motor Plant is a 600,000 m2 vehicle factory in the ceety o Tokchon (덕천), North Korea. It wis the maist capable plant o the North Korean automotive industry afore bein surpassed bi Pyeonghwa Motors. The plant produces urban an off-road passenger caurs, small, medium, an hivy cargo, as well as, haulage construction an off-road larries an buses.

Aw models are reportit tae be replicas or derivations o foreign cars. Vehicles are generally for civilian an commercial uise, as govrenment officials favour foreign imports an the armed forces hae thair ain facilities.

On Nov 20, 2017, Kim Jong-un wis reportit tae hae visited an providit site guidance at the Sungri Motor Plant.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Sungri-58 truck

The Sungri Motor Plant wis foondit in November 1950 as the Tokchon Motor Plant (덕천자동차공장). It produced its first vehicle, a Sungri-58 truck, in 1958. In 1975, the plant wis renamed Sungri Motor Plant (sungri meanin victory in Korean). In 1980, annual production wis reportit bi the govrenment tae be 20,000 units per year, houiver the rate wis mair likely atween 6,000 an 7,000 units per year. In 1996 production wis crippled due tae the kintra's economic difficulties, wi approximately 150 units produced.

Car models[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Achimkoy (아침의 꽃 - 'Flower o the morning') - 5 seat sedan, a copy o the GAZ-M20 Pobeda. Most likely a single prototype.
  • Kunchook (건축 - 'Construction')
  • Jaju (자주 - 'Independence' or 'Frequent') - A five-seat passenger car. Clone o the Volkswagen Passat.
  • Kaengsaeng (갱생 - 'Rebirth') - A mair modified Sungri-4.10 (a Korean GAZ-69 an Jeep combination) o 1968, then moved for production on Pyongsang Auto Works.
  • Paektusan (백두산 - 'Moont Paekdu'), Pyongyang 4.10 an Kaengsaeng 88 - Clones o a 1987 Mercedes-Benz W201 luxury passenger car.
  • Shintaibaik (신태백 - 'New Taebaek')
  • Sungri-4.10 - Korean GAZ-69 fower-wheel drive car modified wi new front end.
  • Sungri-4.25 - Pick-up version o Korean GAZ-69.

Larrie models[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Kumsusan,Kyomsusang (금수산 - 'Moont Kumsu') - A 40-ton construction truck-dumper o 1979.
  • Sonyon - Small urban delivery truck o the 1990s.
  • Sungri-58 (승리 58호 - 'Victory 58') - A clone o the Soviet GAZ-51 (ГАЗ-51) Truck, houiver wi weaker springs. The Sungri-58 an aa suffers frae unusually heich fuel consumption due tae its crudely copied GAZ-51 carburettor which haes been uised syne 1961.[1] It wis first biggit in 1958.[2] Later Sungri-58KA an Sungri-58NA (4x4) modifications wi new cabin are appeared in the 1970s.
  • Sungri-60/10.10) - A lairge 6x6 truck o 1960, it haes a ten-ton payload an wis uised primarily for military purposes. It wis featurt on a North Korean stamp frae 1961.
  • Sungri-61 - Based on the GAZ-63 (ГАЗ-63) truck. It is a 4x4 version o Sungri-58. The Sungri-61 wis first biggit in 1961. Later Sungri-61NA increased payload tae 2 tons an a new cabin.
  • Sungri/Jaju-64 - Based on the KrAZ 256. A 6x4 dump truck, it haes a 10-ton payload an 15-litre V8-cylinder diesel ingine. It wis featurt on a North Korean stamp frae 1965. Built frae 1964 tae 1982.
  • Sungri/Jaju-82 - A 4x2 multi-purpose truck o 1982, it haes a 10-ton payload an a 15-litre V8-cylinder diesel ingine. It wis featurt in a North Korean stamp frae 1988. Whiles referred tae as "Chaju".
  • Sungrisan/Konsor-25 ('Moont Victory'/'Construction') - A 25-ton dumper o 1970. It is based on the BelAZ trucks. Later biggit bi the Mairch 30t Works.

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