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The GAZ-M20 "Pobeda" (Roushie: ГАЗ-М20 Победа; Победа means "Victory") wis a passenger caur produced in the Soviet Union bi GAZ frae 1946 till 1958. It wis an aa licensed tae Polish Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych.

The first Pobeda wis developed in the Soviet Union unner chief engineer Andrei A. Liphart. "Pobeda" means "victory"; an the name wis chosen acause the model's first tests wur done in 1943 at Gorky Avto Zavod (GAZ, "Gorky Car Plant"), when victory in Warld War II began tae seem likely. The plant wis later hivily bombarded, but wirk wis unaffectit. The first prototype wis ready on November 6, 1944, an efter it gained approval the first production model rolled aff the assembly line on Juin 21, 1946. The caur wis a successful export for the USSR, an the design wis licensed tae the Polish FSO factory in Warsaw, whaur it wis built as the FSO Warszawa beginnin in 1951. A few wur assembled in Pyongyang, North Korea.

The Pobeda haes 2.1 litre sidevalve straight-4 ingine producin 50 hp (37 kW) an top speed o 105 km/h (65 mph).

The Pobeda wis the first Soviet automobile tae hae turn signals, twa electric wipers, an electric heater, an a built-in AM radio. The caur came tae be a seembol o postwar Soviet life an is today a popular collector's item. A total o 235,997 Pobedas wur produced includin 14,220 cabriolets.[1]

In 1949-53, 14,222 M-20s wur built wi 4-door convertible body (o 'cabrio coach' type), but sales wur poor an the GAZ niver returned tae the idea o mass-producin a convertible.

In 1955-57, several thoosans wur built wi a fower-wheel drive seestem adaptit frae contemporary Soviet military vehicle (GAZ-69) for cross-kintra travel (designatit GAZ-M-72). Roushie references credit these as possibly being the first comfortable aff-road vehicle wi a closed unitized body.[2]

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